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Burberry 80252741 Vintage Check Small Two-handle Title Bag Beige 
OFFER: Burberry 80252741 Beige 
Price: $258
BRAND: Burberry  
Availability: In stock 
SIZE: 32 x 15 x 25cm 
WEIGHT: 1.5 
COLOR: Beige 
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Please make order as follows, send me the ID or the picture to make order.

I'll reply you the total price with the ship cost. after you make the payment
and we'll ship out your items.

We are a professesional supplier for handbag, shoes, hoodies, jackets,
T-shirts, soccer jerseys, boxers, wallets, jeans, scarves, underwear, hats,
belts and sunglasses etc.

1. Product feature: top quality.
2. Brands: Nike, Amani, Adidas, Puma, ED, Converse, Amani, AFF, D&G,
Dior, LV, Paul, Coach, Fendi, Burberry etc.
3. Packing: coming with original boxes, tags, cards etc.
4. Payment: Western Union, Money Gram,         Bank transfer.
5. Shippment: Delivered by Fedex,EMS, DHL, door to door service.
6. Delivery time: 5-7 working days
Being a serious and honest supplier, we have gained a good reputation.
Do feel free to contact us, we will do our best for you.


Burberry 80252741 Vintage Check Small Two-handle Title Bag Beige 
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